About Kimberley Minerals

Kimberley Minerals Limited is committed to ultimately providing high-grade products to meet the growing demand for quality industrial minerals for the global and national abrasives, coatings and refractive mineral industries.

Kimberley Minerals Ltd (KML) is an unlisted public Australian mineral explorer with over 1000sq km of exploration tenements focused on the Hooper Complex in the West Kimberley of Western Australia.

KML has identified significant occurrences of high purity quartz, andalusite, high quality staurolite, andalusite, almandine garnet, spessartine garnet and heavy mineral sands across the Company’s Hawkestone and Richenda projects, each respectively taking its name from the nearby major watercourse.

Staurolite, the primary target mineral, like garnet is chemically inert and insoluble, with its high density and hardness making it an ideal choice for anti-slip coatings, water-jet cutting, surface preparation and protective coating industries. It also has a very high temperature tolerance and stability hence it can be an ideal refractory component. As an abrasive, staurolite can be recycled numerous times, potentially making it cheaper and more efficient than other media.

The target exploration minerals include:
Andalusite, Chiastolite, Copper, Dimension Stone, Garnet, Kyanite, Lithium, Muscovite, Nickel, Rutile, Sillimanite, Staurolite, Tantalite, Tin, Wolfram and Zircon.